Neuropsychology of Math Project

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Community engagement event for Integrated Services in Education.

The Neuropsychology of Math Community Engagement

Category : Design | Events

Event Registration and marketing materials

The field of neuropsychology is constantly advancing. The achievement of mathematical competencies is not only dependent on the acquisition of knowledge around numerical concepts but also on the development of specific cognitive skills. The promotional artifacts were created to promote speaker events exploring how young children learn basic mathematical skills, from a brain-based educational perspective, for a variety of audiences. The event is set to attract a broad audience, from academics, psychologists, school teachers to community members and parents.

  • Date : 10.17.2017
  • Client : Integrated Services In Education, Werklund School of Education
  • Skills : html5, Css, Javascript, Moneris, Marketo, Illustrator, Indesign
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